$ 26.00


Unisex fit - Pre Order poicies will apply for this order. Please review below. 


🌻 Normally all lead times on any and all Pre-Orders are 10-14 business days from the day we close the order.

🌻 We usually post and run pre-orders for anywhere from 2-5 business days. When orders close, we then order on our end with our suppliers, who then manufacture our goods.

🌻 Timeframes associated with each post don’t include Saturday’s or Sunday’s.

🌻When orders come in and deliver to our offices, we need need an additional day or two in order to sort and package, and then ship where required.

🌻This whole process from start to finish is more like 14-21 days, unless the shirts are screened and made in-house by our wholesale division (LG Designs). Then we can typically cut this down by 7 days or more. 🙌🏻🙌🏻We strive to do this whenever and wherever we can.

🌻Pre-Orders are PRE-PAID because they are custom, it’s just that simple. We’ve reserved and held (and many times paid in advance) for the materials and time to make your order you’ve asked for. This is very normal and standard practice with boutiques, retail stores, chain stores, manufacturers, etc.

🌻As store policy, Haute Tots does not offer refunds. This has been our practice and store policy since we opened. Our inventory turns over way too fast for us to be able to return inventory and most of the time the items that you purchased in the same week have probably already moved over to the sale rack.

🌻We DO offer exchanges within 14 days from the date you purchased, and you can swap for something of equal value or retain a store credit. To do this, you must have your receipt and tags attached. Otherwise, we are not able to accept the exchange.

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